T. Pater Groep, changing industries since 1982 



The founding of Kraanverhuur T. Pater B.V.

In 1982 Theo and Dini Pater founded Kraanverhuur T. Pater B.V. Even though they  started as a small scale crane-rental company the company quickly expanded it’s territory all over the Netherlands. Presently the T. Pater Groep has international ventures all over the Netherlands, being successful in multiple sectors. 


The founding of A.K.S. 't Harde BV

  The year was 1984 when Theo Pater saw the opportunity to start trading in used cranes. Today AKS. ‘t Harde B.V., alongside with AKS Lifting Equipment B.V., specializes in the worldwide refurbishment and trading of cranes, material-handling machines and other heavy machinery/equipment.


Eddy Pater starts working for Kraanverhuur T. Pater B.V.

Eddy Pater started his career for the family-owned company in 1986. Through the years Eddy has taken over the Marketing and Sales department of the T. Pater Groep. 



Harry Pater starts his career at Kraanverhuur T. Pater B.V.

  Harry Pater started his career for the crane-rental company in 1989. Harry oversees the technical sides of the crane-rental company and is responsible for all trading activities at AKS ‘t Harde and AKS Lifting Equipment. 



Taking over Kraanbedrijf Huurdeman

Amersfoort-based crane-rental company Kraanbedrijf Huurdeman B.V. joins the T. Pater Groep in 2008, expanding the rental-fleet and enlarging the company with 15 new employees. 


Harry and Eddy take over daily management

  After 23 succesful years Theo Pater passes on daily management of the company to his sons Harry and Eddy. Both Harry and Eddy become partial owners of the company and are responsible  for all daily activities. 



New headquartes for Kraanbedrijf Huurdeman

Kraanbedrijf Huurdeman acquires a new office in Amersfoort, creating a broader range for all company-activities thanks to it's central location.



William van der Kleij joins in as partner at AKS ‘t Harde B.V.

After a long and succesful carreer of 12 years at Kuiken Cramat B.V. William sees a new opportunity at AKS ‘t Harde B.V. By expanding the product-portfolio and his great knowledge of trading he boosts AKS to an even more successful level.



The founding of de Koekoek Potcultures

2012 was a year of change for the T. Pater Groep. By establishing de Koekoek Potcultures a new venture was created. De Koekoek Potcultures specializes in worldwide trading of C2 and C3 conifers.


AKS Lifting Equipment is founded

  The successful partnership between Harry Pater and William van der Kleij takes a new direction. AKS Lifting Equipment B.V. is founded, making Harry and William shared owners. AKS Lifting Equipment specializes in lifting Equipment for Construction, Industrial and Harbor application. These machines are bought, refurbished, sold and delivered all over the World.